When and how should I ban users from my Facebook Business Page?

If someone is making rude or inaccurate comments on your Facebook Business Page, here are some steps you might want to take.

When is it time to ban people from your Facebook Business Page?

There are times when a client might come to you in distress over a negative review someone posted on their Facebook Business Page. Your client will want to know if it is possible for the review to be removed. Unfortunately, most of the time reviews cannot be removed from Facebook. The only time we can petition to get them taken down is if we send a report that the review is:

  • Rude, vulgar or uses bad language
  • Sexually explicit
  • Harassment or hate speech
  • Threatening, violent or suicidal
  • Describes buying or selling drugs, guns or adult products
  • Believe it to be an unauthorized use of intellectual property

If the review does not meet any of these guidelines, you have several options:

  • One: Boost your review strategy to drown out the negative review with positive ones.
  • Two: Respond to the review.
  • Three: Ban the negative reviewer from the business’s Facebook page.

Now, usually banning someone from a Facebook Page requires that this person first "Likes" the Facebook page. If they don’t, you might think the task is impossible. It is not. It just requires a bit more...creativity. Follow the instructions below and learn how you can ban people from Facebook pages preemptively (without them having "Liked" your Facebook page).

Banning People From Your Facebook Business Page

STEP ONE: Log into the Facebook account you are trying to ban your negative reviewer from.

STEP TWO: Go to the negative reviewer’s Facebook Page. Then, anywhere that person’s name appears, hover your mouse over the name until a hover card appears. When that happens, control-right click the name and hit “inspect”. When you do that, the page’s code appears below with a highlighted area.

STEP THREE: In that highlighted area, there is a section that says user.php followed by an ID number. Double click on that area of the code and then copy and paste the ID code somewhere safe.

STEP FOUR: Go to the Graph API Explorer: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/

We need to submit a command to Facebook manually here. Start by directing your attention to the right and clicking the “Get Token” dropdown button, then selecting “Get User Access Token.”

STEP FIVE: The user permissions will come up, and you will need to check the following boxes:

  • manage_pages
  • publish_actions
  • publish_pages

Once you’ve selected those boxes, hit “Get Access Token”. Following that, you will receive several prompts. You’ll click that you want to continue as yourself and then will have to click “Okay” a few times in a row.

STEP SIX: Go back to the “Get Token” dropdown button and click on the account/page you want to ban the user from (a.k.a. the account you are signed in under).

STEP SEVEN: On the left-side navigation bar you’ll see something like: /v2.4/me?fields=idname? You want to delete everything past the 'me' and then hit “Submit.”

When your page name and another ID number pop up, click the ID number.

When you click the ID number, it will appear in the bar above.

After the ID, add /blocked to the end of the id number. Then “hit “Submit” again.

STEP EIGHT: Next to the ID number is a dropdown that says “GET.” Click that and then select the “POST” option.

Beneath that, click on “Add a Field.”

Type “user” into the first bar and then paste the ID number you copied earlier into the second bar. Then hit “Submit” one last time.

If the page generates the word “true”, that means you were successful in blocking the user!

You can keep clicking “Add a Field” to block more people from your Facebook page after that, but you’ll need to get their specific ID numbers (as directed in steps one through three).

Checking Your Work

To check to see who you’ve banned from your Facebook Page, go back to your account, click on “Settings” on the top right, then “People and Other Pages” on the left. Finally, select “Banned People and Pages” from the dropdown option on the left. All the people you have banned from your page will appear there.